Guide to Ripping and Converting DVD’s

December 6, 2007

Guide To Ripping And Converting DVD’s 

Programs Needed (All Freeware): AutoGK, DVD Shrink, and Videora iPod converter


PART 1 – DVD Shrink:

Download Link:

 Place the DVD you want to rip in your DVD-ROM or DVD-RAM.  Open upDVD Shrink and select the Re-author tab on the top.

 Drag and drop the file located under the Main Movie tab.

 Go to the Compression Setting tab and deselect every Audio except the one you need.  Make sure you deselect the sub pictures too.  Go to the compression tab and select no compression.  This will give you the full quality of the DVD.  I recommend you don’t start compressing until after AutoGK.

 Click Backup! on the top bar and disregard the warning message.  Since we are going to compress it later it doesn’t matter.

 Select your output folder, and make sure under DVD Region, Region Free is selected.

 It will begin encoding and look like this.  You can deselect Enable Video Preview if you want to save RAM.


Part 2 – AutoGK:

 Download Link:  Find the folder you just named, open the Video folder and select the .IFO named VTS_01_0.IFOSelect the output destination.  I want the best quality, so I am going to enter 100 in the Target Quality box.

 AutoGK makes it very easy to select a custom size.  Click Add Job and then Start.  Sit back and relax.Time depends on your CPU and target quality, size, etc.  

Optional Part Three – Videora iPod Converter:

Download Link:

 Choose your iPod type. It also gives you a conversion guide using DVD Decrypter if you select the DVD tab on the first page.  Choose Video File and press Convert New File.  The latest version of Videora makes this process incredibility simple.  You can use the Normal Mode or Power Mode depending on how comfortable you feel.  The best quality is usually the one that takes up the most space.  The best code an iPod can recognize is x246.  Once completed, just locate the converted file and drag into your iTunes Library.  Update your iPod and enjoy!    


2 Responses to “Guide to Ripping and Converting DVD’s”

  1. Tbag said

    If you use DVD Decrypter with DVD Shrink your whole process is automatic. Just pop in the DVD you want to copy. then re-author to the size you want and click backup. DVD shrink will re-author the movie, eject the DVD, open DVD Decrypter, Burn it and then tell you it’s finished. All Automatic.


  2. Tbag said

    Forgot my site.

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