EVGA 8600GT Review

December 6, 2007

EVGA 8600GT Review

Overall Rating: 5/10


Pros: Directx10, 2 DVI outputs, Vista Compatible

Cons: Poor benchmarks, poor FPS in 3dMark06, preformance/price ratio extremely poor.

Website: http://www.evga.com 

The 8600GT is mainly targeting system builders who wish to upgrade into the 8 series from the 7 series.  Basically, the only reason anyone would want to do this is to be able to run Windows Vista since it require Directx10.  And, that’s about all its good for.   It comes with an SLI, 256-MB DDR3, the new GPU architecture, and RAMDAC.  The 128-mbit memory interface chokes and kills the performance.  If you are interested in gaming DO NOT purchase this card.  I benchmarked Crysis on medium settings and averaged 15fps.   On low settings, the frame rate was playable at around 30-50 fps; but it was just so visually unappealing it wasn’t worth it.  In conclusion, if you are looking for a low profile card that can run directx10 get this.  But, if you want to do ANY gaming at all save up for atleast a 8600GTS or the new 8800GT’s.  You will be happy you did.


2 Responses to “EVGA 8600GT Review”

  1. djafj said

    uuuh, you don’t need an 8 series card to run vista. There is no difference in vista either. I just upgraded from 7 series to 8 and it’s the same plus the games still run like shit on my 8800gt in vista but are smokin fast in xp.

  2. gameandtechreviews said

    Excuse me. What I meant to say is that you will need an 8 series card to get the Directx 10 benefit of Windows Vista. While older cards can run in the Vista environment, they will not benefit from Directx 10. As far as fps, there is also a dpereciated frame rate in Vista because of the increased data. There is a lot more information that needs to be processed using Directx 10, and while that increases graphical goodness it decreases framerates. I’m not sure what games you are refering to, but getting good framerates also depends on the amount of RAM and type of processor. If you post your set up and games here I might be able to help you tweak your card/settings to run your games faster. I don’t know if you have attempted overclocking your GPU, but I have found it to drastically improve my fps. I can actually run Crysis in Xp with all settings on high and get a very playable 28 fps. This is with a 8600GT.

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