Asus P5K-E Review

December 5, 2007


 Overall rating: 8.5/10


Pros: Userfriendly BIOS, stable, RAID 0/1/JBOD, price

Cons: Not the premium edition, terrible on board audio, no RAID 5


          I received my P5K-E ATX form motherboard in the mail (exceptional shipping time from new egg), and and excitedly popped it in my rig.  First of all, the BIOS is EXTREMELY user-friendly.  If you are new to building computers or over clocking, this is a phenomenal board.  It shipped with all the latest revisions, and didn’t require any updates to run my Q6600.   P35 north bridge chip set from Intel.  I know what you are thinking; it’s not the new x38.  However, this board is a heck of a lot cheaper than an X38 motherboard and offers practically the same performance.  The only difference is a slightly FSB speed(the P35 gets 1333Mhz and the X38 offers up to 1600MHz).  This isn’t a huge deal, especially if the RAM you are using doesn’t operate at that high of a frequency.  One of the main reasons I bought this motherboard is that it will only require a simple BIOS flash to run the new 45nm chips that ship Q1 2008.  The over clocking software that comes with it is a huge let down.  Overclocking is far easier in the BIOS, and ASUS has almost a perfect user interface.  I easily overclocked my Q6600 to 3.0GHz.  It overs 6 3GB/s SATA ports and RAID 0/1/JBOD.   I was a little disappointed ASUS didn’t over RAID 5 with this motherboard.  But, they definitely make up for it by including onboard wireless.  It even shipped with a small coaxial antenna.  The wireless is pretty much useless without the antenna, but I get exceptional signal strength across my house.  Saved me 40 bucks and opened up another PCI slot.  Comes with 6 onboard USB 2.0(backwards compatable of course), 2 eSATA (which come in handy for those external HDD’s), 1 IEEE 1394a, and 7.1 “HD” audio.  As a rule of thumb on board audio is crap.  And this motherboard comes as no exception.  Use that extra PCI slot and buy yourself a decent sound card.  It’s worth it.  This is obviously not an SLI mobo and therefore comes with only one PCIex16 slot, one PCIex4 or x1, 2 PCIex1, and 3 PCI slots.  You should never run out of slots on this motherboard.  It’s extremely userfriendly in that sense.  If you buy a new graphics card or a any new internal peripherals this motherboard is gonna have a slot for it.  Overall, it’s a good motherboard, definitely high quality; but it’s just not the premium version.  There’s less heatsinks, only one PCIex16 slot, and no RAID 5.  But, if you are looking for a relatively cheap (130USD on and reliable motherboard.  The ASUS P5K-E is worth looking into.


6 Responses to “Asus P5K-E Review”

  1. Zack said

    I’m looking into building a new computer myself, and have been looking at motherboards for about a week now. I was wondering if you have a newer video card and how well it fits if you do. I’ve heard that video cards like the evga 8800 GTS or GTX with a big fan can block things on the mobo. Also, now that you’ve had the board for a few weeks, do you still like it?

  2. gameandtechreviews said

    The bigger cards do block the neighboring slots on this motherboard. I don’t recommend this motherboard for the hard core gamer, but for the occasional gamer it’s just fine. If you are looking for a gaming board, get a board with a 780i chipset and two PCIex16. While this motherboard has two, one of them is only able to run a x1 and x4. This board is for high performance systems and overclocking. It is exceptional at overclocking.

  3. Peter Baxter said

    The ASUS P5K-E does have RAID 5 and RAID 10. I have one and am using both RAID configurations. RAID 0, 1, 5 and 10 are available on both the JMicron and the Intel chipsets.
    It is an excellent board, only missing the second Ethernet port that the Premium board has. It’s identical apart from that.

  4. Chris Seibold said

    According to ASUS, the P5K-E has dual gigabit LAN and the JMicron controller doesn’t support RAID 5 or 10.

  5. marc said

    The p5k-e board has 6 SATA ports. 2 of the 6 ports connect to the JMicron controller. The JMicron controller offers Raid 1,0 because doing raid 5 and 10 requires at least 3 and 4 drives respectively. The intel sata controller (ICH9R) supports raid 0,1,5,10 on the other 4 ports. However, if you don’t have 3 drives connected it won’t even show the option for raid 5. The same goes for raid 10 with 4 disks. Just wanted to clear this up because it seems to be a source of confusion. I have this board with 3 drives doing raid 5 currently. In addition, I have an e8400 overclocked to 3.8ghz limited only by ram (overclocking is a breeze). Finally, I’m confused as to what gives people the impression that this board will not do raid 5.

  6. carlos said

    i have assemble 2 systems with P5K-E/WI-FI and the deluxe version. in the first one i used 4 seagate 500GB drives(RAID5) with a Q6600@3.00Ghz, 4x1GB Kingston HyperX800 and Vista Business 64 and had no problem except the system could be just faster(Hdd Subsystem underperforming). For the deluxe version i went with 2X2 Kingston Value Ram, 4X250GB WD RE2 in RAID5 with Q6600 and XP Pro. the system response was greate until i started moving files arround… The RAID problem is there and i dont recommend to anyone to buy p5k series as is just awfull to see IHC9R incompatibilites where other makers use the same chip and drivers and dont have a problem… the second rig in hdtach scores a medium transfer rate of 57mb… it’s awfull… Gigabyte P965DS3R-P with 4xseagate 320Gb runs 170mb medium. so i will never ever buy asus for high end pc’s. but i must say i love their 945GZ and similars. great value. but not P5K. just for benching and nothing else as for me i prefer my SATA/PATA subsystem at full speed than that kind of motherboard who doesnt know how to handle sata drives. it’s just a shame. more… if i ever need some specific asus software/driver their site is just a PITA. F***

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